Saturday, August 22, 2009

Menu Plan 8/22 - 8/29

Time for another week's menu plan.  The kids and I are back to school/work this week.  I'm in an "ethnic" mood so there's lots of Asian/Indian themed meals this week. 

Saturday:  Sausage & Onions w/ Gnocchi & Green Salad
This is a clean-out the fridge recipe.  This is the last of a batch of gnocchi I put in the freezer a few months ago.  It's been nice to have in there, but I don't look forward to having to make another batch....what a mess!

Sunday:  Bombay Chicken w/ Naan and Fruit Salad (review)
Trying out a couple of recipes I found recently. 

Monday:  Stir-Fry Chicken with Mango and Cashews w/ Jasmine Rice
This recipe and Tuesday's are from the cookbook Green Mangoes and Lemon Grass by Wendy Hutton.  I'll post them after I make them if they turn out well.  I'll also be experimenting with some fish sauce and soy sauce substitute recipes this week. 

Tuesday:  Indonesian Fried Rice
The recipe calls for beef, but I'm thinking I'll use some pork that I already have in the freezer.  It's served with a fried egg on top. 

Wendesday:  Church -- Fried Catfish, Red Beans & Rice, Coleslaw

Thursday:  Lentil and Goat Cheese Salad w/ Fresh Bread
This is a wonderful main dish salad made with French green lentils, sauteed peppers and onion, balsamic vinegar and chevre. 

Friday:  Meatballs on a Stick w/ Tater Tots and Green Beans
I'm making this one up as I go along.  I'm thinking of some kind of some kind of barbecue/sweet and sour sauce for the meatballs.  I'm hoping the kids will like this one.

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  1. mmm your lentil salad sounds delicious! I've been planning on making gnocchi recently- if I ever get to it!

    Have a great week!


  2. @seamaiden: I'll be posting the recipe for the lentils today or tomorrow. It's a nice simple recipe though. Gnocchi is fun, but as I said the recipe I did was a bit of a mess since I was doing a lot and flash freezing. However, once it's done it was done. Thanks for commenting!


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