Sunday, August 2, 2009

Menu Plan 8/2-8/7

It's that time of the week again. This week I've managed to meet my goal of having one vegetarian night. As a bonus we've got two fish meals as well. Fortunately, my kids actually really like fish, so after a few weeks off we're back to that again. I'm also trying very hard to make my mid-week meals simpler since I won't be getting home until after 5. Hungry tired cranky mommy + hungry tired cranky kids + elaborate dinner prep do not make for a good recipe for sticking to the plan!

Sun: Tuna Panzanella
Mon: Crispy Mustard Chicken Tenders w/ Quinoa Pilaf & Cantaloupe
Tues: Sloppy Joes (Crockpot) w/ Watermelon
Wed: Chickpea Curry w/ Brown Rice Roti
Thur: Eggsalad sandwiches (bagels/pita) & chips
Fri: Baked Tilapia w/ Spanish Green Beans

I'll post recipes throughout the week and link them here.
Want more? Previous Food Stuffs menu plans or check out for more menus. This week's MPM hosted at The Happy Housewife.

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