Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menu Plan 9/27-10/3

Sunday:  Chicken Parcels w/ Roasted Broccoli
This was a fun experiment.  I wrapped thin chicken breast pieces (from a larger breast cut in half horizontally)around a sauce of dijon mustard, mayo, and peach preserves.  Then wrapped that up in two pieces of fillo dough (brushed with olive oil).  Baked in the oven at 400F for 30 minutes.  The broccoli I roasted with a couple of cloves of garlic -- very popular with my son.

Monday:  Chili
I wished I'd had the ingredients to make this last week when we were having our seriously unseasonable cold and rainy spell.  It doesn't matter though I love chili no matter the time of year.  I'm contemplating using the top sirloin steak I have in the freer and doing this in the crockpot, but I may just default to using ground beef.  Also, I'm going to be fiddling with my recipe to see if I can reduce/eliminate the tomato since that seems to give DS more trouble when his hands are broken out (like now).  I'll post the recipe if it turns out to be worth remembering.

Tuesday:  Meatballs with gravy and biscuits and green beans
Meatballs are popular with the kids.  I'm thinking a brown gravy and then some homemade biscuits. 

Wednesday:  Pizza Night
This is my daughter's 5th birthday and she requested pizza for her birthday dinner. 

Thursday:  Pancakes & bacon & fruit salad
As a kid I always loved breakfast for dinner nights -- probably because breakfast (for reals) was usually just cereal.

Friday:  Out/FFYN
I've got a girl's night out and DH and the kids will be fending for themselves.

Saturday:  Crispy mustard chicken tenders w/ fries & green salad
This is always popular with both children.  The fries are the Alexia brand waffle fries which are quite good baked.

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  1. The Chicken Parcels w/ Roasted Broccoli sounds really good.

  2. Thanks! They were fun and not too difficult. The original recipe I used for inspiration called for boneless chicken thighs stuffed with spinach and feta. There could be all sorts of potentially interesting combos to put in there.


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